Introducing: My Washington Gas

Enjoy improved online systems that let you manage your account anytime, anywhere.

Introducing My Washington Gas, our enhanced customer portal and our new mobile app. Our continued commitment to transform and upgrade your customer experience remains strong, and we deeply appreciate your continued trust in us. Our goal is to improve your online account experience by making it more convenient to securely manage your payments, start or stop service, track your energy consumption, and more—all in one place.

As part of our commitment to transform your customer experience, we look forward to providing our customers with the efficient and secure online account experience you expect and deserve! You'll get one-stop access to everything you need to manage your account, including: 

  • More modernized security features
  • Ability to conveniently contact customer service and manage your interactions
  • Increased privacy with billing services and payment history now available only after you login
  • Ability to store payment information for future transactions
  • Improved access to the same services that you enjoy today – start service, stop service, request letter of credit, and more

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions.


Washington Gas is focused on providing an improved digital customer experience. The enhanced platform and mobile app aims to improve your online experience and create the foundation for us to offer new and improved services over time. This is part of our ongoing commitment to transform your customer experience.
  • If you currently have an online account, the first time you sign-in you will be asked to verify your account information.
  • If you do not currently have an online account, you will be asked to create one to access post-login functions, outlined below.
Yes, you will still receive your bill in the mail or electronically if you are enrolled in eBill.
You can create an account by clicking Register Today under the Username and Password section.


  • When registering for an account, you will be asked to provide your account number and the primary phone number that is on file.
  • Once your account has been located, you will be prompted to create a username and password.
  • You will also be asked to provide an email address and confirm enrollment in paperless billing
  • An email will then be sent to the address you provided with a link for you to activate your account. You will need to activate your account within 48 hours, or the link will expire. In the case that the link expires, you will have to start the registration process again.
  • This will complete your new registration process.
No. If you had an account on eService, your account was migrated over to the enhanced platform as of May 22, 2023. The first time you login, you will use your eService username/email and password. You will then be prompted to reset your password and activate your account.
  • The first time you login to the enhanced platform, you will be prompted with a few additional screens/validations.
  • You will be prompted to confirm your notification preferences.
  • You will also be asked to complete the "About My Home” or “About My Business” Survey and provide information such as household size, type of gas services, equipment and more.
Your username is no longer limited to only an email address. However, if you had an account on eService that was migrated, your initial username will be the email address that you used as your username for eService. After your initial login, you can go into your settings and update your username within your account.

Account Management

You will have a primary phone number and will no longer be able to have a secondary phone number listed on the account.
You will notice a new look and feel of the billing pages and a new usage menu where you can track your energy usage data.
No, you will remain enrolled in any programs you are currently enrolled in. You will be able to view the programs you're enrolled in and make changes by logging into your account.
Yes, the My Washington Gas mobile app will be available on July 17th, 2023, for both Iphone and Android mobile phones. Click here to download when the app goes live
Yes, if your phone has face or touch ID, you will be able to log into to your account with this.
  • With new User Profiles, a single Business Partner Account can now only be registered to one user.
  • With the introduction of Guest Accounts, Business Partners can provide and authorize access to others as a Guest User and select how much access they want to give to the Guest Account (i.e., Full Access or View-Only Access). Guest users will have to create an account to access the system. There is no limit to the number of guest accounts per account.
  • If you have multiple Business Partner Accounts, these will now be added to the profile automatically by matching account number and phone number.
All existing eService customers were migrated over to My Washington Gas when it launched on May 22. Your username will remain the same. Note that for security purposes you will be asked to reset your password as part of the initial log in to My Washington Gas.
Yes. On My Washington Gas, the setup is a little different than eService in that only one customer can hold the ‘main’ account. Others can still access full functionality on the account but each other person must be designated as a ‘guest’. Note that during the migration process, in cases where there is more than one user profile today in eService accessing the same account, the user that was most recently used will be migrated over as the ‘main’ account and all other accounts will be migrated over as ‘guest’ accounts.
Yes,in My Washington Gas you can set up to receive notifications regarding Bill Ready, Billing, Budget, and Payment Reminders. Additionally, you can set Quiet Hours when you don’t want to receive notifications.


Yes. You will still have the ability to make payments either pre-login or post-login just as you do today. Payments can be made online through bank/ACH or credit/debit card
You will be provided with an e-wallet where you can save ACH and credit cards for future payments.
  • Payments will be made directly through the My Washington Gas portal and mobile app, and you will no longer access the Kubra EZPay site to make payments. This means that features native to their site, such as Apple Pay or Google Pay, will no longer be available.
  • Payments will be posted in real-time. This will be helpful in avoiding disconnections as the contact center will be able to see payments right after they are made.


Enjoy more modernized security features like multi-factor authentication, password requirements, and emails to confirm password resets.
  • At least 8 characters, at least one lowercase letter, at least one uppercase letter, at least one number, and at least one special character (!@#$%*_-)
  • Must not contain your username or account number
  • Cannot use previous passwords

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