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The neighborhood that converts together, saves together.

Through the Virginia Targeted Conversion Program (TCP), approved by the Virginia Commission, we are able to offer installation savings for a limited time to Virginia neighborhoods converting to natural gas. Under the program, up-front conversion costs are shared over a larger number of potential customers to help lower costs.

For example, for a neighborhood of 10 homes, if 2 customers are ready to convert, the project will be evaluated with the up-front costs of 6 neighbors converting to natural gas.


Become a Neighborhood Advocate

Interested in bringing natural gas to your community? Consider being a neighborhood conversion advocate. The neighborhood conversion advocate hosts a meeting with the Washington Gas Neighborhood Conversion Account Manager for their community to learn more about natural gas. 

Bring natural gas to your neighborhood with these steps.

Show your interest in natural gas by completing the VA TCP Interest Survey at wgcommunitysurvey.com.

Provide the necessary forms to indicate your intended natural gas appliances, preferred meter location and more with your neighbors.

Submit payment for the contribution costs and the signed commitment letter.

Schedule your installations with Washington Gas and your contractor.

Explore the benefits of natural gas

Visit Gas Appliances to discover the benefits of a home with natural gas.  Also, natural gas is safe and reliable. Visit Gas Safety to learn how to use natural gas safely.

Learn more about the Virginia TCP with these Frequently Asked Questions.

Who qualifies for the program? Virginia neighborhoods that contain at least 20 homes or businesses within 175 feet of the natural gas pipeline and achieve 20% community commitment of the 20+ homes/businesses for natural gas conversion qualify for the program. All homes/businesses must convert to natural gas heating and water heating.

Do I have to convert my home heating to qualify for the program? Yes, natural gas heating and water heating are requirements for program participation. 

Using the program, how much would it be to add natural gas to my neighborhood? Because there are many factors that contribute to upfront costs (home/business quantity, appliances, proximity to natural gas pipeline, etc.), we must complete a project evaluation to determine specific costs for each neighborhood and participant. 

What if I don’t get enough neighbors to join to qualify for the program? If your neighborhood is unable to reach the 20% commitment, you (or additional neighbors) can still convert your home to natural gas outside of the program participation. If you’d like to move forward with converting your home to natural gas individually, please contact 703-941-HEAT.